About Rosliston Astronomy Group


An avid astronomer named Peter Bolas founded our group, Rosliston Astronomy Group, in October 1999. He was very passionate about teaching people about many different aspects of astronomy and encouraging others to share a part of his interest. Since then, the group has continued to develop and, after Peter had sadly passed away, had agreed to raise funds for a group observatory - something which would mark a significant milestone for the group. The group has had over 40 members since 2016.


We are a group of amateur astronomers who enjoy exploring the night sky with our eyes, binoculars, and telescopes and learning about advances in the understandings of many things related to space. We meet monthly at Rosliston Forestry Centre in Swadlincote to share and discuss our latest observations at home, and to listen to some fantastic talks from various people in the group. Not only this, but we also run regular outreach events which are open to the public.


Whether you have just a passing interest in astronomy or are a keen observer, we would like to welcome you to our monthly meetings at RAG. We also provide presentations for schools, Scout and Guide groups, and other social gatherings so, if this is something which you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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